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Our background in real estate means we are knowledgeable about what will add value to your existing home. You’ll also be able to expand the amount of usable space in your home with our stylish flooring color and finish options. Plus, incorporating these high-quality floors not only completely changes the look of your space, but they add functionality. Read on to find out more.

Certified Polyurea Concrete Coating Specialists

You might be asking yourself: Why is polyurea better than epoxy floors?

And just like your concrete floors, we’ve got the answer covered. 

1. Polyurea won’t warp in the heat. For anyone who lives in conditions with high temperatures, other options like epoxy floors can easily be damaged by Mother Nature. We’re from Atlanta, so we know the weather you’re experiencing and we know this solution is better.

2. Park whatever you’d like on your floors. Polyurea floor coating is non-porous and impermeable to liquids. Don’t worry if you spill oil, chemicals, or other substances on your new floors—they can easily be cleaned.

3. Polyurea can be applied quickly, dries quickly, and is a cost-effective solution to improve the space in your existing home. We use a chip coating system with a polyaspartic clear coat to seal and protect your concrete slab.

Front walkway with concrete floor coating
Scenic front porch with concrete floor coating


Concrete coatings are a game changer for any homeowner looking for an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional option for your space. Whether it’s for your garage, basement, outdoor patio, or pool deck, these coatings offer a slew of benefits that are sure to make your home the talk of the town. Plus, getting your new flooring won’t disrupt your daily routine. Our team can prep, apply, and seal the coating in as little as one day, so you can get back to enjoying your newly updated space in no time.

Garage Floors

Is your garage floor looking drab and dirty after countless spills, drips, and leaks? Well, you can say goodbye to a floor that won’t come clean. Our six-step process will restore your concrete floor to its former glory, and then some. Our top-notch concrete coatings not only protects your floor but also gives it a sleek and shiny finish that will last for years and will not stain.

Classic bug car in garage with concrete floor coating

Man Cave & Toy Storage

Are you a classic car or motorcycle lover? Maybe you’ve got a boat to store or other recreation vehicles. Regardless of the toys you own, our floor coatings compliment your home and possessions. “Custom Man Cave” sounds pretty special, right? It will be even better once it’s yours to enjoy.


It’s about time your basement got the same treatment as the rest of your home. Create an extraordinary living space in your lower level with a flooring solution that is impervious to flooding or water damage as well as general wear-and-tear. Not only do our coatings safeguard your concrete, but it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your floor, creating a stunning surface for your loved ones to revel in. Plus, with so many color choices to choose from, you are sure to find one that matches your personal style. 

Create a more usable concrete floor with OMG Floor Coatings's 1-day polyurea floor process, as seen in this basement space.
Pool deck with concrete floor coating

Patios, Porches, and Pool Decks

It’s time your front and back patio got a makeover. Our amazing concrete coatings will bring these spaces back to life. Not only will you love spending time in these transformed spaces, but your home’s curb appeal will skyrocket, too! And don’t worry about slipping and sliding—our slip-resistant finish ensures safety even in wet weather or by the pool.


Don’t neglect your commercial flooring areas. 

Designed specifically for high-traffic environments like restaurants, gyms, and mechanic shops, our coatings offer the trifecta of qualities you need: safety, durability, and easy maintenance. With our concrete coatings, your commercial area will not only look more inviting, but it will also become a breeze to clean. Plus, we will repair cracked and hazardous floors, leaving you with a visually stunning space that can handle anything that comes in (or goes out) the door.

Gym locker room with concrete floor coating
Concrete polishing

Concrete Polishing

If you’re looking for a way to enhance the look of your worn-out concrete without the application of a covering, we’ve got the perfect option for you. As an alternative to our coatings, we offer concrete polishing services to spruce up your space. The process uses a specialized grinding method to give your concrete a glossy appearance instead of a dull, flat one. Bring new life to your industrial or commercial space. 

The Opportunities Are Endless for Floor Coatings!

Garage Floor
Backyard Patio
Front Steps
Kitchen Floor
Laundry Room
3-Season Porch
Basketball Court
Home Gym
Retail Store
Storage Unit
Pool Deck

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